Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Tips on Growing Indoor Tomatoes

Here I will share what to consider when growing tometoes indoors and how to start. 

Can you grow tomatoes indoors at home and is it worth your time?

Yes, you can grow tometoes indoors. But take into consideration that growing tomatoes indoors requires a bit more attention than growing them outside. 


What to consider before deciding to grow tomatoes at home:

  • Time involved
  • Increased electricity bills
  • Space requirements
  • Water bills
  • Equipment



If you want to grow bush tomatoes indoors, you will need fluorescent cool white or LED grow light bulbs and high pressure sodium light. Tomato plants need these to start flowering and produce fruits.

Tomato plants also need stable humidity and temperature, neither too hot nor too cool. The lighting system can increase the room temperature, so if the temperature indoors is already high, you may need a cooling system. 

Hydroponic system

This obviously is optional equipment, but it’s worth mentioning. This can be a good option if you are’t a very attentive gardener but want to grow tomatoes indoors. The system makes it easier to provide nutrients to the plants, to balance the Ph and can help your produce really nice yields.



Indoor Hyrdroponics Growing System with LED Grow Light and Removable Water Tanks

Hydroponics Growing System - Indoor Garden Starter Kit with LED Grow Light

How do indoor tomatoes pollinate?

Indoor tomatoes need a strong airflow around to polinate. A simple solution is using a fan to move the air and the pollen between flowers. 

How much does it cost to grow tomatoes at home?

In this article you will find out about: The cost of equipment to grow tomatoes at home.

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