My Story

I love tomatoes and I love growing them! As a kid I used to help out my mum and granny in the garden, so I learned growing different plants including tomatoes. That’s how it started. 

my story

About My Tomato Growing Experiences
And why I still grow my own tomatoes.

When I was a kid, I was watching my mum and grandma growing tomatoes in our garden. Back then I usually got the most boring jobs – watering, weeding and hunting for potato beetles. Other jobs like pinching and staking were for the experiences hands only, so I watched and learned. I remember I actually didn’t like the taste of tomatoes when I was very young, but sliced tomatoes on bread with butter soon became my favourite! 

I watched my mum growing tomatoes from seeds during the winter months and planting them out in the ground later in spring.  Another memory of my mum’s tomato growing is that whenever she found an especially tasty tomato, she would save the seeds to grow seedlings from them. All was grown organically, using a natural fertiliser (donated graciously by the local cows), with no pesticides or any other chamicals. 

So I know too well how naturally grown, sun-ripened tomatoes taste and smell… But I’ve never been able to find anything close to that in the local shops, even the organic ones. So although I don’t have a kitchen garden now living in a city, I keep growing my own tomatoes in pots on the patio. I also find planting tomatoes a very relaxing and rewarding experience, from start to the plate!

It's all About Sharing

I think growing tomatoes is about sharing. It’s sharing the produce with the neighbours, cooking and enjoying meals togehter with friends and family, as well as shring gardening tips and learning new tricks. 

Here I’m sharing my own tomato growing experience, what I learned form my mum and granny and anything new as I keep I learning on the way.

What you will find here

Do you want to learn how to plant tomatoes but have never done it before? Are you looking for better ways of growing tomatoes?

Here you will find useful tips on growing tomatoes indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. Wheter you are a beginner or already have experience in planting or lookig after tomatoes, I hope you will find something interesting on this site. Check my tips on tomato staking pruning, watering, fertilising, different types of tomato plants, the dos and dont’s of tomato care and how to get beautiful fruits.  

I believe in organic foods

The wonderful taste of a naturally grown tomato is not the only reason I grow my own tomatoes. Being surrounded by highly processesd foods I find it more and more difficult to get hold of truly organic produce. I put a lot of effort to find quality, nutrutious foods which are not GMO, free from pesticides and other chmicals added along the way. I believe that all we need nature offers to us and that growing things naturally is best for out health as well as for our planet. 


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