Red tomato with water droplets

Tomato Facts

Fun and Curious Tomato Facts You Didn’t Know Tomato facts that will really surprise you!  Whether you’re a gardener, a curious foodie, or just someone hungry for wacky knowledge, I’ve got some unusual tomato facts ripe and ready to tickle your brain! Tomato plants originate from the Andes Mountains of South America. They were brought […]

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indoor growing lights in different colors

Grow Lights for Indoor Tomatoes

How to choose grow lights for indoor tomatoes What to consider before buying grow lights for indoor tomatoes Do you want to know what to consider when choosing grow lights for indoor tomatoes? In this article I will cover the three most popular grow lights: fluorescent, HID and LED lights to help you decide which

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upside down tomatoes

Upside Down Tomatoes Why grow upside down tomatoes? It may seem crazy at first, but upside down tomatoes have their advantages. The main reason you may want to choose them is that they survive heavy storms and winds much better than tomato plants which require staking. Things you need to grow upside down tomatoes Pots

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Organic orange and red cherry tomatoes

Growing Organic Tomatoes

Growing Organic Tomatoes Can you grow tomatoes organically without pesticides or artificial fertilizers? Yes, you can! This is how my mom and granny always did it. They never used anything artificial and to have organic produce was the main goal of the whole thing. Here is how you can grow organic tomatoes: 3 focus areas

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Growing tomato seedlings

Tomato Growing Tips

Tomato Growing Tips 8 Tomato Growing Tips for Beginners Here are a few useful things to remember bout when beginning to grow your own tomatoes. 1. Choose a sunny and warm place for your tomato plants. 2. Pay attention to watering. Overwatering can cause problems with fruits, but letting the plants dry out can damage

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