Tomato Growing Tips

8 Tomato Growing Tips for Beginners

Here are a few useful things to remember bout when beginning to grow your own tomatoes.

  1. Choose a sunny and warm place for your tomato plants.

  2. Pay attention to watering. Overwatering can cause problems with fruits, but letting the plants dry out can damage the plants and reduce the crops. Read more about tomato watering here.

  3. Support your tomato plants to avoid damage and fruits trailing on the ground. Read more about tomato staking here. 

  4. Mulch the soil around your tomato plants. This will stop the weed growth and keep the soil moist and warm (tomatoes don’t  like rapid temperature changes).

  5. Do not over fertilize your plants or do not fertilize them immediately after planting them out as it may reduce fruit production. Start fertilizing your tomatoes only then the plants begin to flower.

  6. Growing tomatoes with companion plants can fend off some pests and diseases. Plus it’s environmentally friendly, looks good and you will have other plants to enjoy. 

  7. Turn yoyr soil in winter. By doing this you will expose pest eggs to frost and you will have fewer pests during the growing season. 

  8. Save seeds when you find a tomato which you especially like.

I hope you find these tomato growing tips useful. Good luck with your tomato growing! 

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